Hearth Coherence

Heart Math is a biofeedback tool that provides immediate feedback on how connected you are to your heart.  It uses advanced technology to decode complex patterns in the heart to see that emotional state that one is in and the level of coherence.  Scientist  have linked patterns in the heart to emotional states in the body.  So what is coherence, it is a term used do describe a state that your nervous system, cardiovascular, hormonal, and immune systems are working together and with ease. 

As you re-train your emotional and mental reactions and increase your coherence, you will re-create your life.  You will reach a place where you no longer have to keep “working things out,” but realize they are worked out! Doc Childre

Thought the years of research and well documented studies they have developed a technique called Quick Coherence.  


No Time to Meditate? Try this Quick and Effective Method by Rozman Phd and Doc Childre  Huffington Post article list the following technique:


Quick Coherence Technique

  1. Heart Focus: Focus your attention in the area of your heart, in the center of your chest.

  2. Heart Breathing: As you focus on the area of your heart, imagine your breath flowing in and out through that area.

  3. Heart Feeling: As you continue to breathe through the area of your heart, recall a positive feeling, a time when you felt good inside, and try to re-experience it. It could be feeling appreciation for the good things in your life, or the love and care you feel for someone.

The next step is to take this technique and make it a habit. Do this by picking certain times of the day when you can give yourself a guilt-free three to five minutes to focus on your heart: Start of your day, right before lunch, just before bed.