Small Joys 

If we tend to look for the big things in life that bring us happiness we can miss the daily small joys.  Not that all life is going to be filled with joy, but we can start to bring focus on the small joys that will increase our overall sense of wellbeing.  Stop and take time to find the small joys today.  

They could be smelling the roses, the color of a fly, or a sunset.  What ever it is take a second a appreciate the small joys so we do not end up chasing big joys. 

Many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness. Pearl S. Buck

 Our mind is weird at some level to protect us and find our things that are wrong.

"Research by Shelley Gable and Jonathan Haidt suggests that we actually have three times more positive experiences than negative. What keeps us from fully capitalizing on all the good in our lives, making us a slave to the bad? Researchers have identified two main tendencies that keep us from experiencing, extending, and expanding our joy: the negativity bias and habituation. The negativity bias refers to our mind's innate tendency to give more weight to the negative; Roy Baumeister  has shown that we tend to remember and focus more on negative experiences." The Science Behind the Joy of Sharing Joy.