Root To Rise   

A workshop to focus on creating greater body awareness using techniques of moment, breath work and discourse. This is a chance to help you gain presence in your body allowing you to feel more centered and balanced. (2 to 6 hours) 

5 Koshas 

Intro to the Kosha bodies and a experiential process of learning and observing the different bodies. Be guided through a physical,mental, energetic yoga flow to arrive at your natural wisdom and bliss states. (2 hour to multiple day workshop) 

8 Limbs of Yoga 

Explore the other limbs of yoga and learn how they can benefit you.  (2 hours to multiple day event)

Chakra Full 

Overview of the chakras- this could be a 7 or 8 week coarse (1 per week).  Workshop would have some information, movement and home work.

Chakra Short 

Chakra workshop. This would be an overview of charkas. Include a  (2 to 6 hours)

Mindful Body 

This is movement workshop and we focus on the micro moments of the body to gain a deeper understanding of how we can move with more efficacy.  We begin to look at the energy aspects of the body. (2 to 6 hours)


Mindful Breath 

We focus on the Breath and how it can teach us on the mat as well as off the mat.  Be prepared to let your breath move you into new areas of being.   (2 to 6 hours)


Mindful Basics 

Learn about what the ancients have know for centuries in simply being.  Look at the science and research behind the mindfulness movement and develop your own practice. (2 to 6 hours)


Alignement Workshops 

Students could pick the posture and we would workshop. We could have 5 basics and then branch out and workshop what ever the students wanted. (2 to 6 hours)


Developing A Home Practice

How to develop a personal sequence and sticking to doing it daily. (2 to 6 hours)


Rest And Restore with Restorative Yoga 

Benefits of restorative yoga and having a practice.  (2 hours to multiple day event) 


Yoga Alchemy - The Energy of Yoga 

Understanding the Basics of subtle energy field and begin practice perceiving it.  (2 to 6 hours)


 Third Eye Vision - Developing your own intuition

Understand some basics and begin to develop practicing your intuition.  


Arm Balancing 

Learn the fundamental of arm balancing and develop your practice. (2 - 3 hours)



Learn the fundamental of inversion and develop your practice. (2 - 3 hours)


Yoga Sutras

A introduction and basic overview of the Yoga Sutras.  (2 hours to multiple day event) 


Energy Wellness Circle  

Learn some basic of Energy work and experience a energy healing circle.  (2 - 3 hours)

Effective Goal

Learn the basic of effective goal setting and how to obtain them with ease. Find out what motivates you and how to use this to propel you to your goals.  (2 - 6 hours)


Body Talk 

Learn how we form our life and hour bodies by what we say to our selfs. Learns some tools and techniques to have positive self talk. (2 - 6 hours)


Stand up Paddle Board Basics 

Learn the basics of Sup including proper  stance, paddling technique and navigation your sup.( 2 - 6 hours)


Stand up Paddle board  Yoga 

Love yoga- like to sup learn some fundamentals and have a experience of a lifetime!  (2 hours to multiple day event) 

Interested in hosting a workshop for your studio, group or event to increase a balance mind body?  See below for workshop / Retreat Ideas or topics.  All workshops can be modified for time and space considerations. Workshops can be combined to create a multiple day event.