7 Day Horse and Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica 

5 Elements Yoga 

SUP Yoga , Sail and Surf 

Yoga and Meditation 

Horse and Yoga 

Rejuvenating yoga & Meditation

Apoyo Lodge Retreat Center 

Laguna De Apoyo Nicaragua 

Please note this event is limited to just 12 people, so secure your spot ASAP.  


Who:    You and whoever you want to bring

What:   Yoga & Meditation  Root to Rise Rise 

When:  Oct 28th - Nov 3rd

Where: Apoyo Lodge - Apoyo Laguna Nicaragua

Why:    Take time to rest and relax, plugging into an experience that retreat uniquely designed to bring your body, mind and spirit into alignment.

Imagine yourself aligning with your most Authentic Self and connecting with your Divine purpose.

Experience a piece of heaven on earth at Apoyo Lodge, a luxury boutique resort and spa tucked away on the shore of Nicaragua’s Laguna de Apoyo. This picturesque lake conceals a volcano that imploded and filled with mineral-rich water millions of years ago. The tranquil setting serves as the ideal backdrop for a retreat uniquely designed to bring your body, mind and spirit into alignment. 

"You won’t want to miss a chance to attend one of Eric’s retreats. He brings so much knowledge, compassion and commitment to his work it’s contagious! He gets to know every participant and really focuses on the needs of individuals and the group." Michelle E

When was the last time you did something just for yourself?


You’ll wake up in a beautiful lakefront lodge and walk a few steps to the outdoor yoga studio overlooking the water. After a healthy gourmet breakfast, enjoy activities like swimming, hiking or reading in a hammock. Each day will have a unique focus designed to overcome common obstacles in our lives through workshops, yoga practice, guided meditation and plenty of time for both socializing and quiet introspection. There will be a day trip to the historic and extremely photogenic town of Granada, and an optional evening trip to an active volcano!

What would it feel like to empower yourself with an unforgettable trip to beautiful Nicaragua?

Apoyo Lodge Reviews 

“We have done many places during different trips and this one is one of our favourite. The place is so peaceful the vegan food amazing (we are not vegan) the discovery of morning yoga facing the laguna (included with the room) is just the best way to begin the day. The staff is lovely, they cook perfectly, the views from the bungalows of nature and the blue laguna behind is stunning. Everything is done for you to have a perfect stay. We REALLY recommend this place. ”  Laule  - France

I had heard good things about Apoyo Lodge but the place still surpassed my expectations. The place is very well taken care of: the garden is stunning, the rooms are spacious and clean and the food is excellent. You can feel that the people working at Apoyo Lodge are genuinely loving their place and willing to share they love for a healthy lifestyle. The yoga patio has a direct view to the lake and besides the morning yoga class you can practice there any time you like. We felt extremely rested and peacefull after only 2 nights at Apoyo Lodge, next time we will stay longer.  Isabelle - Germany 

Beautiful location off the beaten path, relaxing, ecological environment, and good people. Great place for early yoga, hiking, or just gazing at the Laguna. Laurie -USA

Could you see yourself attending a retreat at Apoyo Lodge ?

Theme of the Retreat

The retreat will be centered around the idea Rooting to Rise  and have experiences designed to bring balance, regain strength, renew spirit and rediscover our power. Through a framework of Mindfulness  techniques, meditation and yoga we look at ways we can  become more of our most authentic selves. We will be using this system that are doable and you can take back with you to enrich your life. This will provide the framework of the each day's activities.  It will include the following days:

Root to Rise 





How often do you choose to do what needs to get done instead of what you truly want and need?

The Experience 

Experience a dream trip like never before on a rejuvenating yoga meditation retreat. Practice yoga, have multiple workshops and plenty of down time to let it all integrate,  all while experience stunning views of Laguna Apoyo. Wake up watching the sun light up the lake from your comfortable bungalow. Practice yoga surrounded by the sounds of nature.

Discover a deeper understanding of yourself and your interpersonal relationships through yoga, nature and mindfulness. 

Granada Nicaragua

Taking steps to the person you want to be, is the only way we change. 

Granada is a Nicaraguan city on the shores of Lake Nicaragua. It’s home to multiple Spanish colonial landmarks that have survived repeated pirate invasions. The city’s main plaza, Central Park, is dominated by the colorful, neoclassical facade of the Cathedral of Granada, originally dating to 1583. The Centro Cultural Convento San Francisco nearby is famed for its displays of pre-Columbian statues.

Change requires action. 

Your Guide 

Eric Kolesar will be guiding the yoga, meditation and workshops along with co-facilitating the horse portion.

When I first arrived at Apoyo Lodge I felt a since of peace and calm.  The lake has a magical transformative energy around it and the lodge is run with a sprit of love.  Pair this with a rejuvenating yoga, meditation and mindfulness and it can be a deeply powerful and profound experience for people.  Eric 

Granada drips with photogenic elegance, a picture postcard at every turn. It’s no wonder many travelers use the city as a base, spending at least a day bopping along cobblestone roads from church to church in the city center, then venturing out into the countryside for trips to nearby attractions. - Lonely Planet

Eric Kolesar founded Higher Living Now to empower people to become their most authentic selves through a greater balance of the mind and body. With over 15 years experience in the wellness industry, Eric is a 500-hour certified yoga instructor, life coach, and Reiki Master. He facilitates retreats, workshops and trainings around the world--and is particularly excited to harness the power of this magical volcanic lake to help others find growth and self-empowerment. 


What's Included:

Transportation between Airport MGA and Lodge

7 day, 6 nights of accommodations

3 gourmet plant-based meals  (except for Granada day)

6 Days of Yoga

1 Trip to Masaya Volcano 

1 Trip To Granada ( Horse and Carriage Tour)

4 Higher Living Now Workshops


What is not included:


Spa Services


Optional excursions


"Last year I attended my first Yoga retreat in Costa Rica. Eric Is amazing He is also very knowledgeable about the country and culture. I came away from this retreat with so much knowledge, wonderful experiences and lots of new friends . This was an Amazing Life altering experience. I hope to attend more retreats in the near future. I highly recommend choosing Eric as a Yoga and retreat guide."Namaste Holly H


What level of yoga do I have to have?

All levels are welcome, modifications will be provided as needed.

I am already on the path of self discovery and done some work on myself, not sure what I will get out of this?

I believe you are right where you are supposed to be, I believe we are all growing.  This is a process that we are evolving into living life at a higher vibration. This provides a useable set of tools to empower you on your journey.

I have no experience with Meditation or Mindfulness.  Will this work for me?

Yes,  just an open mind and heart and willingness to learn!

This sounds like a lot of work and that we will be busy. I want to have some down time. Will we be able to?

I believe in balance. We will have a good balance of planned activities and down time - personal time for swimming, hikes, journaling, and hammocking .

Expected Results   

Unplug from the day to day.  Take a break to go within and truly be connected.

Get past the “stuck” or sticky points in your life.

Be fully present and have transformational experiences

Experience a connection with self, others and nature that can facilitate a deeper self-realization and healing.    

Be a part of a group that is developing a deeper connection to self through yoga, energy work, breathwork, meditation, workshops, rest and relaxation.

Have a usable set of tools that you can return home with to start Higher Living Now.

Why might I consider this?

You feel like you are stuck in a pattern of working on yourself and you need Rejuvenating experience.

You are stressed with the daily routine and need to Rest, Recharge and Reset.

Looking to be more grounded in your “regular life”

You are ready to start higher living.

You are ready to empower yourself to become the best version of yourself you can be.

You’ll walk away rejuvenated, with a usable set of tools you can use every day to live with greater purpose and presence. As with all HLN retreats we use a blend of ancient teachings and modern science to raise our consciousness to live at a higher vibration.

Daily Itinerary 

Oct 28th Arrival Day 

Please plan on arriving MGA airport no later than 6pm 

Facility Tour     

Light Movement 


Overview of week


Opening circle ( setting intention for week)


Oct 29th Awareness 



Mindful Walk / Explore property

Free Time 


Awareness Workshop / Meditation


Oct 31st Oneness 



Free Time 


Oneness Workshop / Meditation


Included Trip to Masaya Volcano 

Nov 1st  Movement



Oneness Workshop / Meditation


Free Time



Nov 2nd  Going Beyond 



Day Trip To Granada

Horse and carriage Ride 



Nov 3rd  Travel Day  



Farewell Celebration /Closing 

"I was blessed to attend a retreat with Eric in Costa Rica over the summer. He exuded a calm, powerful presence through his teaching and yoga instruction, creating a safe space to learn and explore. His willingness to share his knowledge, insights and healing gifts with each person there was beautiful to experience and to witness." Karen R.

If not now, when? 

"I have had the pleasure of spending time with Eric 2 time abroad, both times in costa rica. 1 for yoga training for a month, the second time for a week long yoga retreat. Eric is passionate, knowledgeable, and always provides a new dimension and depth to topics that are adressed. He is an awesome person!!"

Nina Y

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If not now, when? 

"Words cannot begin to describe how amazing Eric is, especially when it comes to yoga retreats. I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend one of his retreats this past summer and it was literally an unforgettable experience. There are people in this world that just attract goodness and light, and are able to radiate that goodness and light into others. Eric is definitely one of those people. He has such a calming presence, yet is keenly aware of others and their needs. I have attended yoga classes internationally, and Eric is, by far, one of the best instructors I have ever had. He always made sure that the attendees had what they needed, and went above and beyond to ensure we had an unique and amazing experience. If you have a chance to attend a retreat with Eric - don't think about it for another second - just do it. As Eric would say, "The Universe is Talking to You" - now it is up to you to listen. I promise you won't regret it!"

Valerie W